That One Time I had to Call for Roadside Assistance

I have always shuddered at the thought of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Imagine your car developing problems while in a far away place that you have driven your classic car to and you have never been to before. I don’t know why but most of the times, this happens when I’m not very prepared for it. I always find a way to get it going again or I have someone else help out. Usually someone that’s going to the same event I am. I don’t really stress out about it, hey it’s an old car and I like driving an old car, it just comes with the territory. I was leaving a venue one Sunday and I had stayed longer that normal so I was leaving after dark. It was in Jacksonville Florida and I ended up calling for a tow truck. I was waiting for road assistance and I was in the middle of the road and waving at oncoming vehicles kind of directing traffic around my beautiful car.  Many of them will just speed past you but there is always that one driver who will sympathize with you and pull over.

On this fateful day, I had planned on visiting some relatives of mine living just north of Jacksonville. It was at the beginning of the month when my fat rent checks hit my account. It seems like everyone wants to borrow money from me at the beginning of the month like clockwork. They only reach out to you when you are flush of finances and shun you when you are experiencing hard economic times. It is a reality that I have come to accept as part of my life.

While contemplating on whether I should continue making these visits or ditch these greedy relatives of mine, tragedy struck and this time with a mighty blow. I had just stopped by the roadside to take a piss. As usual, I never leave my engine running. You can call me paranoid but that is a title that I no longer fear. I cannot stop grinning at the irony of that statement. Life has taught me several lessons the far I have come and one of them is that prevention is always better than cure. A friend of mine that lost his car after he left the engine running to respond to a call of nature. I believe I am wiser than that.

I went back to the car and tried the ignition but the car refused to start. Why do bad things happen to good people? I was headed to do a good deed and yet nature could not give me an easy time. I knew the car required some jump starting and so I resented to my last option in road problems, roadside assistance. I must have looked like a clown because I was still waving at oncoming vehicles an hour later. Some people sped past me while others waved back and even laughed at me. I had to confirm on my car’s side mirror what it is that looked funny on my face. Eventually, one driver just pitied me and stopped his car. The guy owned a company called A-able Wrecker and he helped me out. I have never felt that relieved in my life.


Bad Ass 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle


We all love our cars and when we get to the end of the job and we’ve got a lot of little things like parts that we didn’t use, or things that broke our other nuts and bolts that we don’t need, we can be responsible and recycle them responsibly. And one way to do that is to call the guys at junk removers and these guys will come and pick up your junk for you. We all need to do our part and this is one way we can really help everyone on the planet.

And we had a tree go down right next to where the car show is going to be so we had to call in a tree service to cut the tree up and haul it away. They had to get there fast because the car show was tomorrow and we had to get everything all cleaned up and ready for the show. If it weren’t for professional guys like the ones at Jacksonville tree we would have never been ready for the show, thanks guys.

My best friend had his 69 Corvette windows tinted, and they look fantastic. I don’t always like window tint on old cars it makes them look too new. but when I look at his Corvette it looks so cool to have the windows tinted and they did a great job at the Window Tinting Company in Daytona Beach. The Window Tinting Company is run by an avid pool player named Jack. Jacks shop did an awesome job on this window tint it looks like it came from the factory. Automotive window tinting is very difficult to get right. We also had a to get a part made in a hurry because it was and emergency Ross CNC.